Press Release
June 15, 2007

MOL Logistics Opens Regional Headquarters in Europe

TOKYO - MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd. (President: Toshifumi Kato) today announced that the company has established a regional headquarters in The Netherlands.

MOL Logistics (Japan), as a core logistics company of the MOL Group, has developed a global network and reinforced sales strength and competitiveness.

The move will reinforce development and expansion of the company's network in Europe and enhance sales activities in Central and Eastern European countries and Russia, where we see tremendous economic growth. It will also promote the company's localization efforts in Europe.

By establishing a regional headquarters in Europe, MOL Logistics will strengthen its pan-European marketing functions, expand its network covering the gateway port of Europe, The Netherlands, and further reinforce business development in Russia and Central/Eastern Europe.

MOL Logistics will proactively recruit local management to compete more effectively in today's global market, reinforce community-based business strategies, and enhance its global management structure.

Company name: MOL Logistics Holding (Europe) B.V.
Address: Siriusstraat 45, 5015 BT, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Paid-in capital: 18,000 Euro
Managing Director: Akihito Okimura
COO: Chris Cooijmans
Start of operation: June 25, 2007 (Established: May 30, 2007)

2.Future approach
MOL Logistics will consolidate management of subsidiaries in Europe by establishing the regional headquarters, further reinforce organizational and structural efficiency, establish a management foothold with local, community-based management, and offer top-quality services. The company will also establish a structure that ensures competitive cost performance in the market, meet customer needs in globalizing logistics business and offer faster, more flexible service.

For further information, please contact,

Hikaru Isegawa
General Manager of Corporate Planning Office
MOL Logistics (Japan) Co., Ltd.
Tel: +81-3-5282-1202 / Fax: +81-3-5259-4370
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